Lighting services in Beaconsfield

Smart lighting installation in Beaconsfield

We specialise in installing automated systems that make lighting control easy. Whatever your requirements may be, let us know and we will tailor your smart lighting solution to suit.

After finding out your needs and preferences, we will then select the right lighting fixtures to include in your installation – and choose the smart home platform from which you can control it all.

Your lighting system can be programmed via your control panel to switch on and off at random times of the day, giving you full control of your home or business lighting from just one device.

Smart lighting can also be integrated with devices such as motion sensors or dimmer switches to offer features such as automated lighting when someone enters a room.

We work with the leading systems such as Luton, Control4, Lightwave and Crestron.

What are some of the benefits of Smart Lighting?

Energy saving

You can save a lot in energy usage, particularly when you use LED lights with dimmers. Sometimes you just don’t need full brightness from a light bulb, and the dimmer can cut down on energy usage to reduce your electricity bill.

Remote control

Simply use your smartphone or tablet to control any of the lights around your home via an easy to use app. Allowing you to control all of your lighting from anywhere in your Beaconsfield home.


With home lighting automation, it’s a simple matter to set a schedule for your lights. You can even set them to turn on or off at random times so that burglars casing your home won’t think that no one’s home.

Beaconsfield Lighting Specialists

We provide security lighting, indoor lighting and more from leading manufacturers such as Control4, Lightwave RF and Lutron.

Whether you're looking for indoor ambience or outdoor illumination, we can find the right solution for you.

The lighting in your Beaconsfield property can dramatically change the atmosphere and mood . With our smart lighting installation solutions, you have the ability to recall saved scenes to suit any activity.

Another great feature provided by smart lighting is the ability to control the lighting when you are away from home. Using your smart technology to deter would-be burglars by setting your lights to go off at different times while you are away from home, unlike old systems where you may use plug-in timers to control light fittings.

Please get in touch today to discuss your lighting project.